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Young Engineers Build up workshop is specially designed to work on children’s necessities. Our program is tailored to your student’s needs. This program is specially aimed at children on the autistic spectrum and other learning difficulties. Research shows that children with autism can learn and refine their skills through building LEGO®. From the research our Build-up program was created together with an expert in occupational therapy.

Research shows that building LEGO® bricks models strengthen gentle motor skills, planning and working by stages, etc. Children with autism often have low motivation to play and learn, and therefore require use of interesting and motivating accessories. The colors of the LEGO® bricks and the fun of building, keeps these children engaged and wanting to learn more. This is a revolutionary program and it opens their new world and introduces them to new concepts.

The children must interact with each other to build the model. This teaches the children teamwork without any pressure, as it’s a fun and relaxing environment.

Young Engineers also runs workshops in rehabilitation hospitals and mental health hospitals. If you represent such an establishment and would be interested in working with us, please leave a request here.

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